Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jingit Videos and Scans

Jingit is a great website and app to earn a little extra money, but over the past few months they've been posting fewer and fewer videos to their website, opting instead to post them as ads on their partner sites, such as Walmart.  The problem with this is that the ads can be sometimes hard to find on these partner sites.  If you check Jingit's Facebook page, you'll often see many people complaining that they've spent hours refreshing these pages in the hopes that a Jingit add will show up for them.  Good news!!!  You don't have to do this!  Below is a list of direct links to currently active ads that you can watch.  No need to spend time searching for Jingit Curl on partner sites anymore!  This list will be updated when new videos are found.  If you come across one that's not listed, please share and post a link in the comments.  You can use these links daily.

If you have the Jingit Mobile app on your iOS or Android device, then you have an additional way to earn through their mobile check ins.  As of right now, check ins are only available at Walmart, and to use these barcodes from home, you'll have to "spoof" your location on your mobile device.  For iOS, this requires your phone to be jailbroken.  Then you'll need to download an app such as LocationHolic or FakeLocation that will allow you to fake the location of your phone.  For Android users, all you have to do is download an app to fake your location, such as Catch Me if You Can or My Fake Location.  Use those apps to put you at a Walmart and you're all ready to scan the below barcodes straight from home.

Planter's Peanut Butter - $2.00

Jello Temptations - $2.00

Krazy Glue - $0.50

Elmer's Glue All - $0.50

Elmer's Wood Glue Max - $0.50

Generally the barcodes can be scanned once a day, but they may not all be available to you.  Lately I've only been getting the Krazy Glue check in while a friend of mine has been getting at least 3 or 4 of the ones on the list per day.  Check the app daily to see which check ins are available to you.  This list will be updated when more check ins become available.  

With these video links and barcode scans, you should be well on your way to maxing out your Weekly Earn Limit! 

Popular Checkin Apps That Require Scans - Get Them Here!

There are many popular iOS and Android apps that have you checkin to stores and scan products for points that are redeemable for prizes such as gift cards, electronics, and other items.  Such apps include Shopkick, Jingit, and Checkpoints.  Over time, I plan to compile a one-stop-shop list of barcodes for all of these popular apps so you can fake your checkins and scans maximize your earning potential without having to go to these stores.  Check back often!